Visiting Scholars


The Insurance Law Center is a magnet for insurance law scholars and hosts a limited number of visiting scholars at their own expense every year. Some visiting scholars visit us for a few days or weeks, while others stay a semester or the entire academic year. Most of our visiting scholars do research using our insurance law collection. In addition, visiting scholars are encouraged to sit in on classes without charge and sometimes present their work at informal workshops. In recent years, we have hosted visitors from the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, and China (see Lichun Ren and Prof. Haibao Xing, from Renmin University in Beijing, to the right).

International scholars who are interested in visiting the Center for more than a week or two should apply at least one year in advance of their visit.  Applications should include an updated resume, a cover letter, and a description of research plans. 

To inquire into a visiting scholar appointment, click here.