Costs & Financial Aid


Our LL.M. students pay program tuition and fees based on the number of credit hours they take each semester.  You need 24 credit hours to complete the LL.M. degree.  For the 2020 - 2021 academic year the program tuition is $1,326 per credit hour.  In addition, the University charges several other fees.  If you are enrolled full time and registered for 24 credit hours over two semesters, your total tuition and fees will be $32, 758 in 2020-2021. 

LL.M. students pay the same instructional tuition on a per credit basis regardless whether they are registered on a full-time, part-time, distance learning, or non-degree status.  International LL.M. students also pay the same tuition and fees. 

A deposit of $500 is required of every accepted candidate for the Insurance Law LL.M. who intends to enroll.  This deposit counts towards the LL.M. course fees and is not an additional charge.  The deposit is due within dates set by the Admissions Committee and stated in the letter of acceptance.  The deposit is non-refundable should a student later withdraw from the program.

The University requires law students to have health insurance, which students can obtain on their own or through several University plans.  International students studying in the U.S. on a visa are also required by U.S. law to provide proof of health insurance.

Veterans Affairs Approved Program
The Insurance Law LL.M. program is on the list of Veterans Affairs approved programs.  As a result, applicants who are veterans and Air/Army National Guard members who meet certain criteria may be eligible for a program fee waiver.  Read here for eligibility criteria.  The waiver only applies to program fees and not to technology fees, student activity fees, infrastructure fees, University fees, or parking fees, which still must be paid.

Insurance Law LL.M. Program: 2020 - 2021 Academic Year

Program Fee ($1,326/credit x 24 credits) $31,824
University Fee $112,  Transit Fee $40
SBA Fee $164
Infrastructure Maintenance Fee $468
Technology Fee $150

Total Costs $32,758

The fee schedule that follows presents total charges for the 2020 - 2021 school year. For a breakdown of University fees per credit, please consult the Office of the Bursar/Business.

If a student withdraws before the first day of scheduled activities or classes, 100% of fees paid (minus the $500 deposit) is refunded. A graduated scale is used for later withdrawals, starting with the first day of classes. Applicants requiring further information regarding law school fees, health insurance and policies regarding financial matters should contact the Office of the Bursar/Business at the Law School. The Office of the Bursar/Business utilizes the University’s electronic billing system. Please note that registration is not complete until all fees have been paid in full. A student may apply for a limited deferment of the payment date for a semester fee bill through the Student Finance Office. The basis for deferment is a pending payment from a loan or grant fund or the direct payment of fees to the Law School by a student's employer. 

Educational Loan Programs and Tax Advantages:
The Law School provides loan funds through the Federal Stafford Loan Program (subsidized and unsubsidized, $20,500 annual maximum) and private loan programs. Application forms may be obtained from the Student Finance Office at the Law School.  Unfortunately the Law School does not have loans available for international LL.M. students; a limited number of scholarships in the form of partial fee waivers are awarded on the basis of outstanding scholarly potential or financial need.

Depending on the facts, you may also be able to deduct your LL.M. fees from your federal income taxes.  For more information, go to