Course List
Insurance Law LL.M.

Descriptions of these courses, along with information about scheduling (including the semester, day and time offered), can be found on the Law School's course website.  Every academic year we typically offer over twenty Core Courses.


Core Courses
LAW7673 - Alternative Risk Management
LAW7737 - Banking Law and Regulation
LAW7916 - Comparative Insurance Regulation (U.S., China, and the E.U.)
LAW7680 - Comparative Regulation of Health Insurance Markets

Law7554 - Compliance: The Legal Perpsective
LAW7928 - Employee Benefits and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act
LAW7712 - Executive and Professional Liability Insurance
LAW7865 - Health Law
LAW7710 - Health Care Law and Regulation
LAW7711 - Healthcare Liability Insurance
LAW7931 - Health Care Finance
LAW7727 - Hedge Funds and Financial Instrument Regulation
LAW7776 - Insurance Finance
LAW7781 - Insurance Litigation, Current Issues and Trends
LAW7717 - Insurance Regulation
LAW7799 - Insurance Solvency Law and Regulation

Law7677 - International Business Transactions
LAW7771 - Islamic Finance and Investment Law
LAW7894 - Law and Economics
LAW7786 - Law of Marine Insurance
LAW7686 - Liability Insurance
LAW7563 - Life Insurance, Annuities and Disability Income Insurance Law
LAW7691 - Life Insurance and Health Care Financing
LAW7675 - Principles of Insurance
LAW7787 - Principles of Reinsurance
LAW7790 - Property Insurance
LAW7833 - Regulation of Financial Institutions
LAW7724 - Securities Regulation
LAW7726 - Securities Litigation
LAW7774 - Surety Law
LAW7694 - Insurance Law, Topics In:
LAW7535 - U.S. Law and Legal Institutions (international students only)
LAW7585 - US Law and Legal Institutions: Research and Writing (international students only)
LAW7864 - Workers' Compensation Law
(Approved Externship with a law firm, insurance company or government agency up to 3 credits)

Fall 2018 Courses


LAW 7787 - Principles of Reinsurance

LAW 7712 - Professional Liability Insurance

LAW 7786 - Law of Marine Insurance


LAW 7691 - Health Care Financing

LAW 7563 - Life Insurance


LAW 7675 - Principles of Insurance

LAW 7382 - Captive Insurance


LAW 7717 - Insurance Regulation

LAW 7781 - Insurance Litigation

LAW 7928 - Employee Benefits/ERISA


LAW 7677 - International Business Transactions