J.D. / LL.M. in Insurance Law Dual Degree Program


The Insurance Law Center offers J.D. students from any law school the option of completing the J.D. plus an LL.M. in Insurance Law in as few as seven semesters. Up to 12 credits of insurance law core courses taken at the Law School as part of the J.D. program may be applied toward the LL.M. degree requirements.  For J.D. students earning more than 12 credits of insurance law course work, the program will count the grades earned for Principles of Insurance and the last 9 credits of course work taken as a J.D. student.

Full-time, day division J.D. candidates at the Law School in good standing may apply to the LL.M. program by submitting an abbreviated LL.M. application during their fourth, fifth or sixth semesters. Evening division students may apply once they reach a comparable milestone.

J.D. students at other U.S. law schools may apply to join the J.D./LL.M. program during their fourth semester of law school. Students who are accepted will be provisionally admitted to the LL.M. program and will spend their final J.D. year at the University of Connecticut School of Law. (The J.D. degree will be awarded by the student's home law school, not the University of Connecticut).