Distance Learning


One advantage of our Insurance Law LL.M. is that lawyers with J.D. degrees may earn their LL.M. through distance learning from home.  Our distance learning students take most of their classes through video streaming, which allows them to watch live classes over the internet and participate through a toll-free conference call. The Insurance Law Center offers four to five insurance law courses through distance learning every semester. Generally, each course meets once a week at night, from 6:30 - 9:15 p.m. Eastern Time.  Often our distance learning students take one or two courses a semester and complete the LL.M. program in two to four years. Students do not need to purchase any equipment and only need access to a computer with video capability (such as Windows Media Player or QuickTime) and a high-speed Internet connection.

The Insurance Law Center also offers several courses that are completely online. These courses are "asynchronous," which means that there is no set time for class and students can participate according to their schedules online.  Our online courses emphasize short written exercises and significant online discussion and require a time commitment at least equal to, if not exceeding, that of traditional live courses.  These courses are developed under the guidance of experienced faculty members and lawyers, in consultation with one of the top online curriculum developers in the United States. Our online classes are available to all LL.M. and J.D. students.

Our distance learning LL.M. students must fulfill all LL.M. degree requirements except for regular physical attendance on campus. All of our distance learning students are required to come to the Law School campus for their first class and orientation. Students should set aside two to three days for this visit.  The distance learning LL.M. program charges the same fees as our on-campus Insurance Law LL.M. program.

Currently, our distance learning program is only open to LL.M. students who have already obtained a J.D. degree from an accredited law school in the United States.  Students who received their J.D. degree from a law school in the U.S. or its territories where English was not the primary language of instruction are generally required to complete their first semester of study on campus.  After their first semester they may complete the remaining portion of their LL.M. degree through distance leraning. International students, and J.D. students from other law schools participating in our J.D./LL.M. program, must attend our program on campus. 

Distance learning LL.M. student have full access to the research resources available from the UConn Law Library, for more information on databases and access click here.