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The Insurance Law Center has an international focus, with students and faculty from all over the world. Professors from France, Italy, and China regularly teach insurance law at UConn School of Law, and we enjoy hosting visiting scholars from abroad.

Qihao He

Qihao He returned to the University of Connecticut (UConn) School of Law in fall 2013 as an S.J.D. candidate, specializing in insurance law.  He received his LL.M. degree in Insurance Law with honors from the Law School in 2012.  Previously, he studied at the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) in Beijing, China, where he earned both his master's degree and bachelor's degree in law.  His S.J.D. dissertation will explore climate change and the sustainable distribution of catastrophic risk.


Catastrophe Insurance Solvency Regulation: An Assessment Approach, Insurance Law Review, volume 7 (forthcoming 2015) (in Chinese).

Climate Change and Effective Catastrophe Risk Management Mechanisms: A Law and Economics Analysis of Insurance and Insurance-Linked Securities, International Journal of Bonds and Derivatives (forthcoming 2015).

Research on the Legal Nature of Catastrophe Insurance Risk Securitization (CIRS): Based on the Insurance Contract, International Business Law Review of China, volume 13 (2014)(in Chinese).

Securitization of Catastrophe Insurance Risk and Catastrophe Bonds: Experiences and Lessons to Learn,Frontiers of Laws in China, volume 8, no. 2 (2013).

Study on the Simultaneous Application of U.S. Antidumping and Countervailing Measures towards China: A Perspective from the Off-Road Tires Case,International Business Law Review of China, volume 11 (2013)(in Chinese).

Book Chapter
Climate Change and Financial Instruments to Cover Disasters: What Role for Insurance?, inThe Role of Law and Regulation in Sustaining Financial Markets, CHAPTER 10 (Routledge:  Niels Philipsen, et al., eds., 2014).

Is There Any Difference between Public Figures and Common People in Reputation Rights?—Case Comment on Fan v. Wenhui Newspaper, in Case Comments in Right of Personality 60-66 (University of International Business and Economics Press:  Te Ma, eds., 2012) (in Chinese).

Which Right Does Sexual Harassment Encroach?—Case Comment on Tong v. CEO of Xi’an XX Corporation, in Case Comments in Right of Personality 75-80 (University of International Business and Economics Press : Te Ma, eds., 2012) (in Chinese).

Working Papers
Climate Change, Catastrophe Risk and Government Stimulation of Insurance Market—A Study of Transitional China (2015) (SSRN link:

Regulation by Catastrophe Insurance: A Comparative Study (2015)