International Faculty


The Insurance Law Center has an international focus, with students and faculty from all over the world. Professors from France, Italy, and China regularly teach insurance law at UConn School of Law, and we enjoy hosting visiting scholars from abroad.

Angelo Borselli
Scholar in Residence and Adjunct Professor of Law

Angelo Borselli is a postdoctoral researcher at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, where he teaches international business transactions and comparative corporate law. He holds a bachelor's degree in Law and Economics summa cum laude and a degree in Law summa cum laude and special distinction from the University of Calabria in Italy, an LL.M. in Insurance Law with the highest honors from the University of Connecticut School of Law, and a Ph.D. in Law of Business and Commerce with the highest honors from Bocconi University.

In addition to business and corporate law, his research and teaching interests include insurance and financial services law, bankruptcy law and corporate finance. He has been a speaker at various international conferences and has published articles and book chapters in Italian and English. Among his publications in English are Insurance Rates: Regulation in Comparison with Open Competition, 18 Conn. Ins. L.J. 109 (2012), Keeping Watch on Giants: The Supervision of Insurance Groups and of Insurance Undertakings Within Financial Conglomerates in European Law, 3 Eur. Ins. L. Rev. 26 (2012) (recipient of the 2012 AIDA Europe Academic Prize sponsored by the British Insurance Law Association Charitable Trust), and Keeping up With “Rivals”: About Some Recent Corporate Law Reforms in Italy on Minimum Capital Level and Superior Voting Shares, in 1 Revue Trimestrielle de Droit Financier 86 (2015).

François Ewald
Scholar in Residence and International Research Fellow

A leading French authority and philosopher on insurance and risk, Professor Ewald holds a doctorate in political science and first degrees in law, philosophy and psychoanalysis. He is titular professor of the chair of insurance studies at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers and director of the Ecole nationale d'assurances. Professor Ewald was the founder of the Michel Foucault Centre Association after having been assistant to the noted French philosopher at the Collège de France (1976-1984). He is in charge of publication of Michel Foucault's teaching works at the Collège de France. Professor Ewald is a member of the Académie des technologies, an editorialist and columnist on the Les Echos newspaper, and a member of the French National Sustainable Development Council.  At the Law School, he has taught Topics in Insurance Law and Ethics in Insurance.

Pierpaolo Marano
Scholar in Residence

Professor Marano has held the title of Associate Professor of Law at the University of Calabria in Italy since 2003.  In 2010, he was appointed to the School of Banking, Finance and Insurance of the Catholic University of Milan, where he received his bachelor’s degree in 1989.  Professor Marano also holds a Ph.D. in banking law and regulation from the University of Siena.  A widely sought-out writer and speaker on insurance law and one of the drafters of the Italian Insurance Code, in June 2012 he was nominated member of the Insurance and Reinsurance Stakeholder Group appointed by the EIOPA (European Supervisory Authority on Insurance and Pension Funds), which is located in Frankfurt am Mein. He currently sits on the executive board of the International Association for Insurance Law—Europe and he is serving as an associate editor of the Journal of Insurance Issues and the Insurance law Review.  Professor Marano teaches Comparative Insurance Regulation in our Insurance Law LL.M. program.