The Insurance Law Center was founded in 1998 with a generous endowment from the insurance community. Today, the Center is recognized around the world for the study of law, insurance, and risk. Our acclaimed LL.M. program has attracted lawyers, professors, and insurance regulators from the U.S. and overseas for graduate studies for over a decade.

We are unique for our interdisciplinary research on the role of insurance in society. Our full-time faculty brings a wide array of disciplines, including law, economics, finance, history, sociology, linguistics and philosophy, to the study of financial services law. Together with our experienced adjunct faculty, our students, financial regulators, members of the insurance bar and fellow scholars at other universities, we explore the issues of the day in scholarly workshops and conferences. The Center also hosts visiting scholars from around the world, has an insurance law collection unmatched by any other U.S. university, and publishes the Connecticut Insurance Law Journal.