Katie Dzurec

Director, Health Consulting Services, Examination Resources, LLC

Katie Dzurec is a graduate of the University of Oregon School of Law (JD 2010) and UConn Law School (LLM 2023). Dzurec spent several years as an advocate for survivors of domestic violence. She then followed her love of policy to the Maine Legislature, where she served as a legislative aide before joining the Maine Bureau of Insurance as an advisor to the Superintendent of Insurance. During her time at the Bureau of Insurance, Dzurec worked closely with Bureau staff, industry representatives, consumer representatives, legislative staff, and other state agencies to implement the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in Maine. She then went on to join research faculty at Georgetown University’s Center on Health Insurance Reforms to assist multiple states with ACA implementation, and served as a senior advisor to Pennsylvania’s Insurance Commissioner. She also served as a federal regulator at CMS/CCIIO during the Obama Administration.

An active contributor to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Dzurec was a founding co-chair of the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act Working Group, and she chaired and participated on numerous working groups for the NAIC and the Insurance Regulatory Examiners Society (IRES).

In addition to regulatory work, Dzurec served as a compliance officer at a health insurance co-op and as a consultant for large insurance carriers. She is now a director at a regulatory consulting firm, working directly with state and federal regulators on insurance oversight and enforcement.

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