Terence Harris

Vice President Specialty Claim - Travelers

Professor Harris concentrates on marine insurance, its origins and whether maritime law developed centuries ago is still relevant to international maritime commerce in a modern world. He also explores the conflicts between traditional admiralty law doctrines and contemporary state insurance  as well as jurisdictional and choice of law issues involving ocean marine insurance. Finally, he teaches various marine insurance coverages including hull and machinery, cargo, protection and indemnity and pollution.

Harris is a New Zealander. Prior to immigrating to the United States in late 2001, Harris was admitted to practice law in New Zealand as a general litigator in private practice. Upon joining Travelers Insurance in 2002, after completing a LLM at UConn, Harris managed property coverage litigation as a corporate attorney with several years as the in house coverage counsel for Travelers‘ ocean marine and recreational boat claim organizations. In 2010, Harris moved over to a leadership role in Travelers’ claim department leading the recreational boat unit and in the years thereafter, he has added leadership of Travelers claim for Ocean Marine, Inland Marine and Boiler and Machinery,

Harris holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Massey University (Second Class Honors), a Bachelor’s degree in Law (LL.B) from Waikato University (First Class Honors) and finally, an LLM in Insurance from the UConn School of law.

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