Fifth Annual National Benefits & Social Insurance Conference

UConn School of Law Insurance Law Center will host the Fifth Annual National Benefits & Social Insurance Conference, where benefit experts from around the country will convene to discuss the law and policy of retirement, healthcare, disability insurance, and more. The Assistant Secretary of Labor, Phyllis Borzi, will be the keynote speaker.

Attendees should contact Patricia Carbray at or 860-570-5184 to receive the password needed to download the conference papers.



Breakfast & Registration


Phyllis Borzi, Keynote Speech


D. Muir (Michigan), Addressing the Failure of Behavioral Economics Theory in IRA Rollovers

K. Moore (Kentucky), Closing the Retirement Savings Coverage Gap: Are State-Mandated Automatic Enrollment IRAs the Answer? (password req.)

J. Turner (PPC), The Pension Mis-Selling Scandal at the SEC. (password req.)

Moderator: A. Stumpf (Michigan)

11:30-12:45 (Lunch panel)

N. Huberfeld (Kentucky), Health Care and the Myth of Self-Reliance

B. Maher (UConn), Characterizing the ACA

Moderator: J. Cogan (UConn)


I. Goldowitz (PBGC), Funding of Public Sector Pension Plans: What Can Be Learned from the Private Sector? (password req.)

N. Shnitser (Boston College), “Trusting the Retiree Healthcare Promise” (can be accessed through Hein Online)

J. Forman (Oklahoma), Removing the Legal Impediments to Offering Lifetime Annuities in Pension Plans (password req.)

Moderator: D. Pratt (Albany)


P. Wiedenbeck (Wash. U), Untrustworthy: ERISA’s Broken Promise (password req.)

A. Monahan (Minnesota), Sovereign Promises

D. Bogan (Oklahoma), Proper Party Defendants in ERISA 502(a)(1)(B) Actions. (password req.)

N. Stein (Drexel), The Church Plan Phenomenon (password req.)

Moderator: N. Stein (double-duty)


M. Hylton (Boston University), Thinking Ahead: Some Reflections on the Forthcoming Friedrichs Decision and its Implications for Public Sector

Employee Benefits

P. Secunda (Marquette), Lack of Super Enforcement in Australia

R. Pathak (Whittier), Robust Enforcement at Last? Medical Providers as the New ERISA Enforcers

Moderator: Maher (UConn)


Contact Patricia Carbray ( or 860-570-5184.