Insurance in the Age of Trump: Thursday, April 13

The Insurance Law Center presents the 2017 Insurance Law Conference at the University of Connecticut School of Law. Please join us for a keynote address by Michael McRaith, former Director of the Federal Insurance Office, and panels featuring insurance regulators and academics debating insurance and insurance regulation under the Trump Administration. Among the topics will be health insurance proposals, international regulatory issues, cybersecurity, and Big Data and consumer protection. Many people are saying this will be the best conference ever. 


8:15-9:00 – Breakfast and Registration 

9:00-10:15 – One of the Best Panels Ever (Moderator: Brendan Maher) 

Amy Monahan, UMinn, Deregulated Health Insurance 

Kyle Logue, UMichigan, Medicaid, Block Grants, and Fiscal Federalism 

Catherine Grason, Maryland Insurance Administration 

10:15-11:00 – A Magnificent Morning Keynote 

Michael T. McRaith (former Director of the Federal Insurance Office) 

11:00-12:15 – A Really, Really Terrific Panel (Moderator: Adam Scales) 

Rick Swedloff, Rutgers, Insurers, Big Data, and Policyholder Statements 

Daniel Schwarcz, UMinn, Regulation by Threat: Dodd-Frank and the Non-Bank Problem 

Elizabeth Dwyer, Rhode Island Insurance Division 

12:15-1:00 – A Lunch For Winners (in Starr Reading Room) 

1:00-2:15 – A Panel Everyone Will Love (Moderator: Brendan Maher) 

Peter Molk, Willamette, Homeowners Insurance: Valued Policy Regulation 

Jay Feinman, Rutgers, Approaches to the State Regulation of Homeowners Insurance 

Peter Kochenburger, Insurance & Cybersecurity 

2:15-3:30 – A Panel That Will Win in a Landslide (Moderator: Peter Kochenburger) 

Tom Baker, UPenn, Regulating Robo Advice Across the Financial Services Industry 

Pat McCoy, Boston College, Knightian Uncertainty, Systemic Risk Regulation, and The Limits of Judicial Review 

Brendan Maher, UConn, Unlocking Exchanges 

3:30-3:45 Break 

3:45-4:45 Probably the Most-Watched Panel in History (Moderator: Pat McCoy) 

Natalya Shnitser, Boston College, The Town Decides: Local Management of Retiree Healthcare Liabilities 

Anne Melissa Dowling, Illinois Department of Insurance (formerly), A Former Regulator’s Thoughts on the Regulatory Impact of Big Data